Millions have preferred BiP

Within the past 3 days 4.6 million new users have participated in BiP, the communication and life platform of Turkey witnessing daily growth. BiP has made a difference in the field of communication apps by bringing many superior features into action before its competitors. All the data is stored in the data centers of Turkcell in Turkey with highly secured encryption.

Brought into use as operator free application in 192 countries, BiP offers uninterrupted and secure communication with its messaging, voice and video call features. Recently, Digicel has brought BiP into the use of its customers in 32 countries in which it operates by means of the partnership ‘Lifecell Ventures’, the affiliate of Turkcell. BiP has over 1 million customers in the Caribbean region alone.

Ataç Tansuğ: We receive no data without permission

Ataç Tansuğ, Executive Vice President – Digital Services and Solutions of Turkcell, has stated that users may continue using BiP without the obligation to share their data with third parties. “BiP have been developed by Turkcell engineers since 2013 has been welcomed with a great interest within the past 3 days. We store the data of our BiP users in the most highly secured Turkcell data centers within the boundaries of Turkey. What is important in communication applications is that, for the service to be able to be rendered, the necessary data are received from users, processed within their approvals, and shared to the extent necessary for provision of the service. For instance, BiP being a communication application requests permission for access to directory in order to be able to provide its users with call and messaging services” said Tansuğ.

Emphasizing that they do not receive, process and share any data without permission of users at BiP, Tansuğ has stated: “All our users may feel at ease on this subject. We do not in any way discriminate between our users in 192 countries. We listen to customer feedback and act in the swiftest manner to meet their demands. Hence, if there is something to be remedied, we are ready to do our best to remedy the same.”

All information are secure at BiP

All BiP data is stored at the data centers of Turkcell in Istanbul and Ankara which hold international security certification (Transport Layer Security-TLS). The entire communication between the devices and servers by means of which the messages on BiP are transmitted is transported securely using TLS encryption. Not any third party is able to have access to and read the messages by intervening in the system.

If the back-up setting on BiP is not switched on, the messages are kept for a temporary period by being encrypted until they are transmitted to other party on systems and erased fully from the systems upon message transmission. If user switches on the back-up setting, sharing is kept in data centers by being encrypted.

BiP is developing with each passing day

While competing on global platforms with its superior features that BiP’s competitors do not have, BiP makes also a difference with its features developed according to the needs of Turkey. For instance, providing its users with informative and entertaining contents by means of various channels available in the section ‘discover’, BiP has also opened Coronavirus Information and Service Hotline in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. Without any discrimination among operators, BiP users are able perform coronavirus test and freely have access to ALO 184 Ministry of Health Communication Center Information Hotline in necessary circumstances over this channel.

Thanks to the Emergency Button feature of BiP, users are able to communicate with each other on an uninterrupted basis over BiP with a single click in emergency cases even if there is a network interruption by sharing their wellbeing information and locations. The feature ‘translation’ enables users to chat in 106 different languages during instant messaging. BiP ensures that its users view the incoming messages as translated message and translates the messages sent by them spontaneously. Thanks to the ‘disappearing message’ feature offered exclusively by BiP, the messages sent appear on chat window during the period chosen by the user and are deleted automatically when the period expires.