Digital Services & Solutions


BiP is a new generation app that enables you to experience instant messaging & call You can send your pictures, videos, sound recordings and text messages along with unique content instantly and free of any charge.

Suit Conference

Suit Conference is a video conferencing solution which is easy & user friendly , flexible, secure and limitless. Click here for more information

İş’TE Suit

Many digital needs of your work such as e-mail, file management, office applications, and video conferencing are all in one place with İste Suit. For more information, you can visit Suit Mail, Suit Drive and Suit Conference


lifebox is all access personal cloud to store all your files and contacts. Your photos and videos will be securely backed up and organized, so that you can easily reach and share them. lifebox organizes all your memories by who, when and what’s itn them by creating smart albums.


fizy is the best way to discover and listen to music! Search artists you like, listen to favorite songs or watch video clips. You can listen to millions of songs and watch video clips on your mobile and tablet at any time by fizy.


TV+ carries the entertainment where you are with more than 150 live television channel, blockbuster films, tv series followed by the world, most stunning documentaries and animations.

Artificial Intelligence

They are solutions developed by our own engineers, that can either be set up as a stand-alone campaign/offer, or can be integrated with other digital products. These include a wide range of solutions such as image processing, voice assistants, chatbots, smile detection, recommendation engine, text to speech / speech to text.


UpCall is a mobile application which is designed to provide a digital experience for legacy, SMS based telco services. In addition, you can see the caller ID for unknown numbers, search for unknown numbers and enrich your GSM calls by adding pictures and you can use many others features. Separate VAS services which are integrated […]


YaaniMail has access from the web and mobile apps along with all common 3rd party clients. One app serves all features including calendar and contacts. Click here for more information

Call Management Services

Missed Call On Busy: If someone calls you when your phone is busy, you will receive an informative SMS. The SMS contains the calling number and the time. Notify Me: If you call someone when his phone is off, you received an informative SMS when his phone turned on. Notify Me for Busy: If you […]

Advanced Monitoring & Marketing Automation


Corpwatch is a sophisticated high performance solution, built for Telecom C-Level using Microstrategy Enterprise Analytics with Nowcasting® Model. A comprehensive, data-driven management platform used by senior management to lead the entire business. Corpwatch also provides telco specific detailed data model, set of operational and strategic dashboards and reports and best-practices for telcos, KPI library.

Real Time Monitoring (RTM)

Real Time Monitoring application is developed to display snapshots or data for certain periods in tables, trend graphs or map values by getting data from different data sources. It gives a chance to reach all these data from both mobile devices and web environment.​

Real Time Action (RTA)

RTA is a comprehensive real time event driven marketing platform. The platform shall process events as they ocur and trigger any appropriate actions. The platform shall also have advanced monitoring, visualization and audit trail capabilities.

Enterprise Solutions


YaaniMail has access from the web and mobile apps along with all common 3rd party clients. One app serves all features including calendar and contacts. Click here for more information


CAFPRE blocks any kind of interconnect bypass fraud. CAFPRE’s solution is unique, using active real subscriber database with a dynamic testing methodology. What CAFPRE do the best is to generate test calls through IP networks to active stubscriber database where mobile operators have the flexibility to change their test plans real time.


ultia is a low-code Business Process Management platform where you can easily create your own processes or use built-in IT Service Management or Enterprise Service Management modules.


STAR SUITE is the ultimate telco infrastructure observability, quality and performance assessment suite for ISPs & Mobile Operators to provide sustainable services with minimum
outage. With vendor and technology agnostic manner STAR is a single solution platform.

Business Solutions

Digital Business Solutions

Digital Business Solutions aim to help customers on their digital transformation processes by using latest technology trends like Digital Transformation Services, AI, Data Center & Cloud Services, Managed Services, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, BIG Data and Business Applications by the covering verticals like retail, production, SMB, healthcare, government, logistics and transportation, tourism, finance, energy […]

BiP for Enterprise

BiP for Enterprise is a customized on premise communication platform with BiP infrastructure for enterprises. It provides data protection and management inside the company Required hardware and licences should be provided by the company Custom app and web with required features of BiP such as messaging, calling, discover Option to customize the logo, color and […]